Converting SKP file to a DWG file

I don’t use Sketchup for my drawings. I do have one client that send his files to me as a skp file. I need to find the cheapest, easiest way to be able to convert his file to a DWG file that I can use. I see I can do a 30 day free trial but I know I will need something after that amount of time.

You can export .dwg files from SketchUp Shop. That would be the least expensive option. Or get your client to do it. Presumably they are using SketchUp Pro.

Subscribing to SketchUp Pro is probably the cheapest. Some other applications, for instance Rhinoceros 3D, can open/import SketchUp files, but they cost more.

You can do a quick web search for skp rto dwg converters and find various alternatives if you don’t want to try SketchUp itself.