Converting .ecdx files to be used in Sketchup



So I enjoy working with Fitness equipment and I’m working on my homegym and I would love to lay it out. Unfortunately, I cannot find the models I’m looking for in the warehouse and I want to use exact models if I can to make it pretty and truly convince my wife that turning the garage into a gym is a great plan. It’s a tough sell.

So I found a program called EC Design out of Sweden that offers tons of equipment to place in their software but it’s not nearly as cool as sketchup and it used as presentation software more than design like I want. Anyways, I download EC Design and found where all the models are stored but they are stored in this .ecdx file that I can’t find a converter for.

Does anyone have any experience with this file format and if so, how might I convert it?

Thanks for your help guys!


Very often file types/formats are in fact another contained within a compressed archive with some additional proprietary files, so see what happens if you rename the file extension to .ZIP and try to open / read it. This is a long shot, by the way.


I tried it and had no success. The more I’m looking at their files. They are either .ecdx or .xnb. Both types of files are accompanied with a PNG image. The more I look into it, the more I think they converted the manufacturers original files that were probably in .stl or something common into their own format just to make it difficult for people like me.


might be worth a try, and also worth considering converting to obj if it doesn’t convert to skp and maybe someone here could convert the obj to skp?


Great try. Neither the .ecdx nor the .xnb worked in mesh converter


I checked 3D Browser quick as well, it doesn’t seem to support those file extensions either.




I do commercial Gym fit outs and i have some commercial gym equipment… let me put it on warehouse for you and everyone…they were very complex 3ds files but I optimised them for SU… what equipment are you after?

gym equip - metric.skp (1.3 MB)

actually quicker to slap in here!

Also put on 3D warehouse, a lot of other samples there too


Thank you. I’d love to get a water rower and some of the stuff The ABS Company like a tire flip and the AB solo. But the more the merrier. Thank you for your contribution.