SKP files to DXF files

I am a ModelRailroader, and I have been using CadRail since the end of the 90:th CadRail is basically a program for drawing trackplans, but it can also be used for drawing rolling stock. In my case that is Streetcars. Recently I found out about a firm that is lazercutting parts at a very affordably price, and I saw my chance of building a big model. They needed a DXF-file
from me and CadRail could export DXF-files. Yes, this is the red carpet into big size- modelling. How, wrong I was, but I shouldn´t tire you with the mail conversation I had with SandiaSoftware.

Now, I have tried numerous combinations and bad Cad-programs found on the net. I don´t want to another Cad-program I have got CadRail 10 and SketchUp Make 2017. That is enough!!.

So back on square 1 again, I decided to find out more about SketchUp and the Extension library and look what I found. A little app that could convert SKP files to DXF files within SketchUp. Glaser isb-cad STX which I downloaded and placed the Icon on the command rows. I took one of my files follow the instructions and pressed the DXF button and what´s happened is that I got a dialogbox from some CodeMeter which will give me a lisence for this extension if I pay SEK 5 193.16 (Euro 499:90, USD 576,51) I found thar is pure stealing, and I certainly don´t have that kind of money. So now I am back on Square 1 again. I really don´t know what to do. Suggestions anyone???


You can try this plugin e.g.: SketchUp Plugins | PluginStore | SketchUcation

Or you can print a PDF (HLR) and use other programs (e.g. Inkscape) to convert it to DXF.

If you need true arcs and circles, you will need the SU PRO version with the 3D DWF export function.

Hi Cotty,
I tried your link, but I couldn´t or wasn´t allow to register. For the record: I have tried Inkscape, but program can not export to DXF, not the version I downloaded anyway. I have been thinking about SU PRO, but I still not have that kind of money. The reason why I going on about DXF-files is, because they are used in CNC-machines, milling and lathe operations and lasercutting. So I think I take a break from it all, and thanx for your answer


SketchUp Plugins | PluginStore | SketchUcation takes you to the SCF PluginStore - you need to register to be able to download…
The main SCF site itself has a “free membership” here - read the first + second line’s link !
SketchUcation • Signup

It’s not so hard…

Here’s the direct link to register:

I’ve tried it before answering here and the feature list contains DXF-export too: