Can I convert a 2D Sketch into a 3D Sketch with SketchUp?

What kind of 2D sketch? What format?

What version of SketchUp are you actually using? Your profile says “Free Plan” “PRO”. There is no free plan of SketchUp Pro. What operating system? “Latest” doesn’t tell us anything useful. “Basic” doesn’t answer the question of what graphics card your computer has.

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If you use to draw Dibac for SketchUp, yes. But you need both SketchUp Pro and Dibac for SketchUp

I apologize for that. Fact is I have a small idea I’m working on and I started out attempting to self teach how to do a 3D Mechanical drawing of this idea when I came across SketchUp. I’m doing the 7 day free trial and have no idea about the computer info. Can you tell me this? If I have the correct format and operating system, am I able to use SketchUp to convert 2D Mechanical Sketch Into a 3D Sketch? And does the 7 Day free trial come with this capability, because these types of drawings is what I am looking for to be able to do. This might not be for me but appreciate your time. Thank You.

So then you are using the Pro Plan and presumably SketchUp 2023. If that’s the case you must be using either Windows 10 or Window 11 or some recent version of Mac OS. There’s no way for me to tell you with the information you have provided.

Probably. The exact process depends on what the file type is. SketchUp Pro can import a lot of different file types.

How did you create your “2D Mechanical Sketch”?

You should take some time to go through the SketchUp Fundamentals at

Thank You. I’ll check into it further when I have more time and get back. Thank You

The 2D is my own drawing I did on graph paper. It was my plan to scan it in and convert it to 3D :slight_smile: Simple, right. :slight_smile: I will check out Thank You

Not that difficult IF you have learned to use the tools in SketchUp. You can import the image of the scanned drawing into SketchUp and use it as a reference to create the 3D model. As an example–maybe not as detailed as yours–I traced a metal plate onto graph paper, scanned it, imported the image file into SketchUp and used it as a guide for modeling the hook shown on the right, below.
Lift Mod

Thank You again.

Look at this video on Youtube:

There are quite a few others.