Controlling texture position in a dynamic component's sub component



Hi All

I am working on a set of dynamic components for kitchen design. Right now I am working on a ‘Licia Door’.

As I have seen in various tutorials I have embed a colour swatch in my component so that one can change the material of the door. Most of my materials have a wood grain texture.

I this case a couple of the sub components that make the licia door need to have their texture rotated by 90 degrees such that the would grain is in a horizontal direction.

This is the model for the licia door Licia Door.skp (220.2 KB)

Would appreciate any pointers :smile:



Hi elgabbu,

I presume you are talking about the small horizontal pieces that frame the door. In that they do not appear to be animated in any way, I simply opened that sub-component(double-clicking it repeatedly) and changed the axis so that the Z (blue) axis was aligned with the long edge. The material realigned itself and the wood grain is now rotated 90 degrees. Hope this helps.



Hawley! … thanks man that solved it :smile:


Glad I could help. :grinning: