Controlling background pictures in paint



I am attaching a sketchup file where I am attempting to insert a mountain picture. I inserted the picture. However, I want to lower the base of the picture to make the sky more visible from model images I want to extract. When I lower the cube that hold the surface image, the image does not lower. How do I set the origin of the image. I adjust the aspect ratio in paint. When I enter the <> size, the other up dn dimension automatically changes. I assume this is to keep the same aspect ratio of the original. However, it does not look like the original aspect ratio. I keep adjusting that dimension until the image displays at the appropriate scale. I am also attaching the picture for comparison.

Currently the file is showing no shadows. When I used shadows, I got a very dark image. Can I use shadows, can I control the light so that the jpg image imported to pain is not so dark. Set the shadows on to see what I am talking about. Also, it showed the shadow on the predefined 0 plane defined by x and y axis. That shadow blocked some of the picture.

Ideas for controlling insert pictures will be appreciated.




you need to WAIT until uploading completes before submitting your post…

use the edit button, re-add the skp, then I’ll delete this post…