Shadows exporting lighter on dark background

Hello, wondering if anyone else had encountered this issue - shadows appear fine in sketchup modeling window (left side of image below), but when exported to jpg appear much lighter (right side of image below). If anyone has a fix I’d love to hear about it!

Running skp pro 2018 on a windows machine, exporting to high res jpg.

Thanks all.

one looks like a shadow on a plane and the other looks like a shadow on ground plane (under shadow settings)?

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I was going to say they’re both modeled faces, and shadows were set to project on both faces and ground, but your comment made me think to raise the model up a bit - the street level was coplanar with the ground plane and I guess that’s what was messing it up. Thank you!

There can be some inference between a shadow on a light gray ground plane and an overlapping dark gray model face. Personally I’d recommend to disable shadow on ground rather than moving the model, and you won’t have problems in the future with measuring.

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Aha this works great since I don’t need shadows on the groundplane in any of the views - glad not to have to use that workaround. Thank you!

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