Controller use in SketchUp?

hello, i have recently started using sketchup and have created a some models. something that i was wondering about was if it is possible to use a controller in sketchup. I was wondering if it was possible to set one up with shortkeys such as a joystick to move about.

after looking around i could not find any information about this so i would appreciate it if you could tell me how to set one up if it is possible.

i’m a gamer so i have a thrust master joystick.

thanks for reading this.

I have also been having a issue where i click where my tools are then middle click around my model i orbit the model. but if i then click on the model (off the tool bar) i can’t middle click


sorry, i’m going to go to bed right now. i will reply to any messages in the morning, night


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I have tried this but i have can’t quite afford this. is there a way for a joystick or is it just a space mouse pro?

A few things have been tried overt the years Navigation Devices.

I remember trying to remap the middle mouse button (and MMB with modifier keys,) but SketchUp would not honor either Microsoft Intellimouse nor Logitech Mouseware.

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thanks so much for the help everyone. great to see that there are people who want to help. thanks

I looked at the OEM site, and it seems that the old ThrustMapper software has not been updated, and is not guaranteed to work on Win 10 ?

But basically you need some function mapping software to map the joystick buttons to SketchUp accelerator (shortcut) keys.

Hi there
It is possible to use a console game controller to control SketchUP, just enter in the link bellow and download the software and the profile, you need to change the profile a little to make it work properly :smile:

I hope i could help you, cya.