How to get a Thrustmaster X (or any other joystick) working with Sketchup?

I need to: pan and orbit the camera view.
My joystick has: hardware to pan and orbit the camera view.

Makes sense that this should work, no?

But no. Sketchup doesn’t respond to any actions from the joystick. It’s installed, it works in games, but it’s being totally ignored by SU.

Soo… does anyone have any advice on how to get a joystick to work with SU?

A driver package from the manufacturer needs to be presented in a way that SketchUp can read, packages as an .RBZ So the answer to the question is no. But there is another product that can do the job, a Spacemouse Product.

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It needs a driver to be able to be used with sketchup, if the company who made the joystick has a driver and plug-in to work with sketchup you may be able to use it as you want, otherwise it won’t work. A 3D mouse is the only way I know that lets you move around your model like a video game.

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SketchUp doesn’t support any game inputs and I’m not aware of any 3rd party extensions that would let that work

Yeah, well, the SpaceMouse is $ 400+ and the joystick is $ 30.

I have the controller installed & functioning perfectly fine in testing and in actual games. But Sketchup is “blind” to it. And even routing the joystick data through AHK so it “looks” like mouse movements doesn’t work for some reason. Like SU is intentionally ignoring a 2nd controller input?

Also, with my particular health conditions, it’s easier for me to use a joystick, especially with the “scale-down” function, where I can move the stick with very small, precise movements, and don’t have to have my forearm/wrist all tense from being focused like that.

They have products for about $150. and less. As pointed out in an earlier post: A driver package from the manufacturer needs to be presented in a way that SketchUp can read. This does not come from SketchUp but from the folks who made the joystick.

SketchUp is not intentionally ignoring your joystick.

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Why would sketchup develop a driver for your specific joystick or any joystick, to use a space mouse it must be also installed drivers in your pc, but the drivers are developed by the manufacturers of the 3D space mouse, sketchup doesn’t recognize them without the drivers installed.

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Cool idea. I wonder if you could get this to work by using one of the joystick helper apps… It’s been a while, but i recall using a program called Joystick Gremlin for various tweakings. I imagine it would involve binding joy axes/buttons to mouse axes and keystrokes, and i know there are apps which do that.

Even when the joystick output is translated by a helper app, and is seen by other programs (like CorelDraw, Photoshop, Lightroom, and other workspaces where I need to pan/zoom/rotate) - it’s not working in SU at all.

So you translate that to mean that it’s SketchUp’s fault. Maybe take a look at the extension used by the 3D Connexion devices and see how they make it work.

The fact that it’s recognized by other softwares, the ones you mentioned aren’t 3D programs by the way, doesn’t mean it’s sketchup fault that it doesn’t recognize your 30 dollars joystick. I guess you could develop some kind of drivers if you have the skills to do it, otherwise you won’t be able to use it with sketchup, autocad, Blender, Maya or any other 3D software.