Continual Bugsplat

I’m working with a file that continues to bugsplat every few minutes. I have sketchup make 15.3.329 on a mac 10.11.os. I’ve uploaded the file to google drive. Can someone tell me how to share it here so maybe someone can offer a suggestion as to the cause? Thanks, Rags.

You right click on the file in Google Drive and select get shareable link, you then post that link here.

Fab! Thanks so much. Here it is:

Works fine for me, tried it in Pro18 and Make17.

Is there a reason you cannot update from Make 15 to Make 17, is it not supported in El Capitan, can you upgrade to High Sierra?

Ed: it may run faster if you turn off Profile Lines.
Ed2: perhaps put the measurement labels on another layer so you can turn them off.

Ed3: There is something going on, no way that file should be 10mb, more like 0.1MB! When I deleted your annotations the file size went down to 149kb!! I never use labels myself so am no expert but they are obviously causing a massive issue in some way. Perhaps somebody will be along shortly to explain that discrepancy.

Bugsplatting every few minutes sounds like maybe a problem with autosave. Do you have it enabled, and if so, where are you saving your files (cloud drives are known to cause problems).

I’ve downloaded 17 and seems to have solved the problem. Thanks!

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