Bugsplat + unexpected file format when opening a file (Sketchup 2023)

I’d really like some help since I need to finish this project. Last time this happened to me (last week) all I had to do was change the file name, but now that doesn’t work anymore. Everytime I try to open the file, it says either bugsplat or unexpected file format, the file was FINE yesterday, but right now it just won’t open. I tried opening the file in another laptop but it won’t work neither. I sent a report when the bug splat occured. I can’t upload it here cause it’s like 100MB :frowning: HEEEEELP MY BOSS IS GONNA K1LL ME LOL

Upload it to DropBox or We Transfer and share the link.

Where have you been saving the file while you were working on it?

Hello here’s the we transfer link:

And I was saving it on my documents:

I’ve been using the same file and renaming/resaving it so I could have the latest progress saved. I don’t have One Drive I think and it’s not showing a backup file for the latest version (the one on the We Transfer link)

The file you shared opened just fine in SketchUp 2023.1 There is a corrupted group in the model but SU23.1 can manage to work around that. You should update to the current version of SketchUp.

I fixed incorrect tag usage and purged unused stuff from your file. You are hoarding a lot of unused components and materials.
Screenshot - 3_6_2024 , 11_27_08 AM
This reduced file size by about 45%.

Here’s the file: Dropbox - HELP purged.skp - Simplify your life

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Oh my God thank you so much!!! I appreciate it, it works now. I will update the version . You saved my life