Unexpected file format, i need help pleaseeee

I need help, I was working on my sketchup file and I got a bugsplat, after that I tried to access my file but it only tells me unexpected file format, I have seen that @colin I can try to solve it, please I need urgent help a client requires the model, please help me @colin I have the 2022 version of sketchup pro.

I attach the link to my skp file with your skb file.


The file had some minor things that needed fixing, and if you were using SketchUp 2023.1.3 or 2024.0.1, the file would have opened. It is a demanding file, so takes a while to open.

Here is the file resaved from 2023.1.3. It will open in 2022, but may show a message about being created in a later version. Don’t worry, it will still open, and when you save it will then be a 2022 file again.

File link:

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You should update to the current version of SketchUp. Your subscription allows you to do that.