Sketchup 2023 unexpected file format

Hello, today for the first time I encountered a problem that I see that many have had, but I did not find the solution, how do you solve the problem.
After saving the file, it shows me the unexpected file format error
How did you repair the file, can someone guide me please?
file attached

This happened with the free web version of SketchUp? That’s what your forum profile says you are using.

Sorry, I wasn’t paying attention when I made the profile because I just created it now.
i am using ver 23.0.397 64b win 10

Please correect yuor profile then. That information helps us help you if it is correct.

I was able to open your file. There was a corrupted group. Not sure which one, though. I also did some cleanup. First I fixed incorrect tag usage.
Screenshot - 9_2_2023 , 7_40_07 AM

Then I purged unused stuff. It seems you’re hoarding a lot of components and materials.
Screenshot - 9_2_2023 , 7_40_27 AM

This cleanup reduced the file size by a little more than 96%. See if this will open for you.

By the way, you should fix the reversed faces in the model. There should be no exposed blue back faces.

Magic, Super fast . thx a lot,
I have probably been using sketchup for about 15 years, but this is the first time I have such an error.
thx a lot for help

Hard to tell what might have happened to create a corrupted group. It’s a good idea to keep your models cleaned up as you go, though.

Again, please fix your forum profile.

done, thx a lot