SKP file unexpected file format

is there anyone here who can help me? My file got bugsplated and when I opened recovery it appeared like this… please really anyone who can help restore my file… I’ve tried several existing methods but haven’t been able to get it back, the file is at this link.

Where were you saving the file as you worked on it?

Your profile says you are using SketchUp 2023. It must be prior to the maintenance release. Update to the latest version of SketchUp 2023 or to SketchUp 2024 and you should be able to open the file. There’s a bad group indicated but the versions I mentioned will deal with it.

By the way, I see you aren’t using tags correctly. Untagged should be left active at all times. In your model you have A-DOOR active.
Screenshot - 5_2_2024 , 10_01_11 AM
Fixing incorrect tag usage reveals this:
Screenshot - 5_2_2024 , 10_02_48 AM
And there’s plenty of unused stuff to be purged.
Screenshot - 5_2_2024 , 10_03_53 AM

I used 2023 and I saved the file in the folder I usually save. but after bugsplat it can’t be opened and neither can the skb file, can you help me?

Do what I said. Update to the latest version of SketchUp 2023 or to SketchUp 2024 and your file will open for you. Then clean up your file. When I did it the file size was reduced by more than 60%.

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what do I have to do? can you open the file? can you save it and share it with me? this is very important for me tomorrow


Or are you using a cracked version?