Constant Issues with Layout 2020

Hi there, I am having constant issues with Layout and in particular the file I am trying to use.

I went into SU and purged the file and resaved. Whenever I open the layout file (all scenes are completed on pages btw), I go to relink the model and it keeps getting stuck. I have been trying to fix it for the last hour and to no avail. I have a fast PC so that shouldn’t be the issue. No other files are missing either.

Any ideas as I literally can’t complete these revisions for the client.

It only freezes as soon as I press onto a page that has a viewport on it and then I can’t manage to do anything with it.

Perhaps share the file…?

Thanks Paul. I have just shared a dropbox link. Couldnt work out how else to share it

Do you mean updating the viewports because you have made changes in the SU model?

I’m running to the spinning circle in LO.

I’ve started to purge the SU file - you’ve got all those entourage components which could be causing problems with high poly counts.

Screenshot 2021-09-03 094221

And you’ve got some large image files in the LO file - do they need to be so big?

And what about some 2D representations of the entourage, furniture fittings, equipment, etc. for the 2D plan views?

Might be a good idea to remove that file or the link from your post as it contains client information.

Paul mentioned the images for the entourage you’ve imported. In some cases, as in the covers of the books on the ledge, the images are much larger than they need to be since you can’t see moore than the spines of the books. This is one of those textures.
Screenshot - 9_3_2021 , 8_06_10 AM

The bar sink has an image for the strainer in the drain.Is that really a benefit for the way the sink is used in your model? If not, removing it will help towards simplifying your model. It reduces SU and thus LO file size but it also reduces the work your graphics card has to do.

It’s a good idea to import entourage components into a separate SketchUp file so you can clean them up before inserting them into your project. Anything you can do to improve the efficiency of your SketchUp model will go a long way to improving the LayOut file.

Another place you could give some consideration to reducing is the images on your mood board page(s). Once you get them positions and sized on the page, you could edit them in an external editor and adjust their actual size to match.

Cleaning up the SketchUp files will be a big help, though. I corrected theincorrect tag usage and purged unused stuff from the larger of the two SketchUp files used in the project. It reduced the file size by about 20%.

Further poking at your model:

I find 3D text elements on the refrigerator door. Those add file size and anywhere the refrigerator would show in a scene, processing time for LayOut to update the viewport because of the geometry.

I see you have numerous unique drawer pulls on the kitchen cabinets. Since the pulls are visually identical, using the same component throughout would helped to reduce file size.

Here’s more geometry that could be eliminated. The mounting hardware on the back of this TV doesn’t really add anything to your model but SU and LO have to “think” about it.
Screenshot - 9_3_2021 , 8_23_40 AM

Thanks Dave, I have done what you said above and still cant seem to get into the file properly and use it. As soon as I try and click on the viewport it gets stuck for the last two hours. I hoped it may get to the end of whatever it is doing. Are there any other suggestions you have? Could it be something else?

As @paul.mcalenan said:

Especially beware 3D plants

Did you try cleaning up the SketchUp files? Immediately after opening the LayOut file right click on a viewport and choose Open with SketchUp. Does that work?

I didn’t have that problem with your LO file and I expect neither did Paul so that would mean looking at what is different. The computer would be the first place to look. Make sure graphics drivers are up to date and that SketchUp is using the Nvidia graphics and not the integrated GPU. Also make sure that SketchUp and LayOut were installed correctly. That requires right clicking on the downloaded installer and selecting Run as administrator from the Context menu.

Thank you for all your help.

I managed to make an extra page, but as soon as I click onto the pages where there are viewports it just brings up the blue wheel. I changed a few things on the SU model to lighten it, but surely my computer should be able to handle a file at that size?

I think it must be another issue.

Sorry for the novice question, but I have been googling and cant work out how to ensure SU is using NVIDIA. Do I also need Layout too as well? As that isnt in the list for the program settings.

Perhaps I haven’t installed SU and Layout properly. It was a while ago so I dont have the installer still, should I redownload it?

Can you also please tell me what entourage components are? I have googled it, but dont really understand what you mean. I have used the Purge tool in SU and I also purged the Layout file. Still not helping Layout at all…

I dont understand what is going on but I now cant access the files as it says it is a read only and is locked by another user. I shutdown the computer and restarted and still can only open read only files for both the Layout file and the SU model. (FYI The one in the dropbox folder above is just a copy of the file, I am accessing them elsewhere to make the edits)

Things you use just to decorate your model: plants, cars, people, some of the furniture etc.)

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