Consistent size for Exported Plan Views in SketchUp Layout

Hey, I have drawn an object in SketchUp and then exported it as different top views in Layout.

However, when I want to export these plan views as an image, the dimensions are always different.

I have already switched on the grid in the background and have drawn the white frame around the drawing the same size for all of them by eye.

However, I am looking for a quicker and more professional solution to the problem. So that all drawings really have the same size and scale later as an image. Does this exist? If so, can someone explain to me step by step how to get there?

Thank you very much!

I don’t understand what ‘by eye’ means.

Draw a border around the page margins. Use this same page size and border for every model / plan.

Be sure your models are all the same scale by checking the SketchUp model panel.

I don’t remember off hand how image export works (I always do PDF and then convert to an image later in other software) - make sure you have the same DPI / resolution set for each model / plan when you export.

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Hey, thank you very much! That was a great tip with the border. It worked! By eye measurement I meant that I more or less pushed it where it should go, but not to size… Thanks!