Connect faces in a better way


I’ve been lurking around and finding answer to my questions for while here but it’s my first time posting.

I want to create what we could call a barrel. Mainly 2 round wall created with plank tongue and grooved with plank ‘‘bullnose and groove’’ to make the circle part. My problem is I used a circle array to create the plank circle but the plank aren’t joining perfectly. The joint kinka overlap. Is there a better way to do it ?

test2.skp (72.4 KB)

Here’s a quicky.


Thanks you!

You’re welcome. Its one of the things with the segmented curves in sketchup, they will fit together perfectly as long as you treat them correctly. Always pull circles out on axis and use the same number of segments to match.
Many people struggle with the segments but once you accept them you find they are actually useful.