Connect 3 different faces to create organic shape


I am trying to create this organic shape with a smooth surface and looking for a way to create a skin between 3 organic surfaces.

A: is the original part I “handmade” which came out OK but obviously is not smooth enough because I used multiple faces to create a surface with Spline.

B: are the 3 faces I am trying to get a smooth skin laid on, but I just do not know how to do it or which tool to use. I tried many tools but its not coming out right.

Can anybody give some advice how to go about this?

Many thanks!

I would use either Curviloft from Fredo6 (Sketchucation) or Extrude Tools by TIG (Sketchucation) to generate the surfaces.

This example was done with Extrude Edges by Rails from TIG’s Extrusion Tools.

What I started with on the left.

Note, make sure face orientations are correct with all back faces toward the inside of the volume. And the resulting volume is a solid component.

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Thank you so much, this already brought me a step forward! However, I used Extrude Edges by Rails but for some reason the result still has flaws, especially the bulge in the front and the front edge is also a bit out of control. Any Idea what I am doing wrong here? I also attached the skp file if that helps.

Thank you!

cow console table-help.skp (619.3 KB)

Is this what you are hoping for?

cow console table-help dr.skp (484.3 KB)

First correct the face orientation so the back faces are toward the interior of the volume. The green shown in my screenshot is the color of back faces in my default style.
Second, break the top and bottom curves at the outer corners and run Extrude Edges by Rails in three stages; red, green, and yellow here.

To get the rails for the third extrusion, explode the first two groups (red and green). Weld the edges at the front of the red and green surfaces. Then run Extrude Edges by rails again.

I made a video if you need it.

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Wow, you just gave me some valuable information I did not even realize were important - and thank you for taking the time to create this really helpful video! Let me try this and I will revert to you.

One thing thought, the small curve in the front (yellow), I was looking to have the 2 long edges run evenly from top to bottom, like in the original model attached, but in this model they kind of curve in a different shape.

Thank you!~Thank you!~Thank you!


Then draw in the curves you want at the front so the tool knows where you want the front edges.

Hi Dave,

It actually worked out really well now thanks to your help, see attached. I decided to keep the yellow curve as you had it. One little problem arises when I use solidchecker2, there are a bunch of errors I can not eliminate?!

Thank you!

Those are not errors. Just warning that you have a lot of very short edges. As it is, that’s not a problem but there is a potential for those short edges to be a problem if you do further operations on that geometry such as using Intersect Faces with other complex shapes.

Ah, good to know. This part will be cut on a CNC (wood), I thought it could cause issues.

What file format will you export the file to?

…most likely .dxf format.

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