Create vertical surfaces between non-parallel edges/faces

Using Sketchup 2017.
I am trying to create the faces between a lower dome and upper face edges that curve through space (see attached). The object on the left is the before state and the object on the right is the after state. The faces on the right must be vertically on the blue axis.

I created the right side by drawing blue axis aligned edges from the top endpoints through the surface at the bottom, then connecting the bottom endpoints to complete the vertical faces. I then intersected the vertical faces with the bottom faces and trimmed off the excess at the bottom.

I have hundreds of these faces to complete. Is there an easier way? I read that Curviloft can potentially do this, but don’t know if it can and how to set Curviloft parameters to get the fill vertical.

Thanks in advance for looking and advice.

test.skp (12.3 MB)

Using TIG Extrude Tools extension

Thanks. I see how this works. Appreciate the tip.


Another option, which may help if you really do have hundreds to do would be Vertex Tools, not free though but if your time is worth anything it’s cheap.
GIF 21-04-2024 2-45-34 PM

Edit: I’d forgotten that Tig’s tool will do multiple objects at the same time too.

I tried the extrude by vector and it is helping alot. The only issue I have is that it is hard to get it to inference to the blue axis if any geometry is in the way. I have been able to work around that.

Thanks again for the quick response and assistance.