Confused Cursor Icon – changing itself to text mode (problem solved... too much sleep)

Running SketchUp 2018 Pro, on a Macbook (OSX Yosemite 10.10.5)

the animated gif below explains it well.

In it I draw a single rectangle and then hit the space bar one time… after that, during all the moving around, I’m not pressing anything. but the cursor changes around between the arrow icon, and the vertical text icon. all on it’s own.

on occasion (but not always) the problem deepens. While the cursor is in it’s text icon phase I can’t use any of my standard keyboard shortcuts… they simply don’t activate any tools…

It’s as if there’s a brief shortcut lock out period where it just doesn’t register with sketchUp. But they do come back up given a short period of time.

Any Ideas, about what’s going on here.

No keyboard shortcut at all on this one…

I’m just drawing in lines with the line tool… clicking on the tool bar to activate it.

interesting part at the end… after drawing in all the lines, the icon changes back while hovering over the line tool… I didn’t click on that tool during this time… that was initiated only by hovering over the line tool.

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