Concrete scoring lines

Hi folks, I have been using pro trial version, how to create concrete scoring lines in landscape area in sketch up. how to increase line weight or other tools available to create scoring lines. Can anyone help me please. TIA

You could represent scoring lines in SketchUp by dividing the face using the drawing tools like Line and Rectangle. It could also be done with a texture of concreate with score lines.

As for lineweights, that’s not really a thing in SketchUp. There are edges and Profile edges. Edges are always 1 pixel wide. Profile edges can be set thicker. Those are the edges displayed around the perimeter of objects and change as you orbit.

You can adjust line weight for viewports in LayOut and there you can also control lineweight by tag.

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I achieve this by making an actual groove in the concrete. Go to the edge of the concrete, draw a rectangle the size you need the score to be, then use the push pull to push the groove or score to where you want it to end.

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If the groove is not straight, you can use FollowMe.

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