Concave facade, how to close the back of window frames after push/pull

Hello Thank you very much.
I got some advice for using an extention but it I did not manage (maybe it’s my deficiency)
but my entire facade is concave.
I know I could put all the window frames 100% verticalle at the back of the balcony
but frankly I try to avoid the step by step facade
I want my concept to stick to near smooth
I have looked up online and there are windowframes that do slide
in NON horizontal situation
I am NOT an egineer so maybe I am wrong at at the moment I want
to get to the final rendering
I do have one and I am getting help from someone ( a very kind supporter who I did aproach and ask for help via LinkedIN as I love his renderings)
but he did not have time to subdivide all the windows
(it took me nearly a month on and off between my other covid home oriented duties)
Sadly as my curves are all concave every where
I finally did it all by hand following the hidden geometry
It may not be 100% correct but should be good enough for a rendering for the concept
Now I am looking how to divide more than thirty different length of balconies b
banisters and balustrades. I also need to put condo dividers on the balconies
yet can’t decide if I put them all in the same position
as I have NOT AT ALL designed any inside layout be the elevator shafts
I have push pulled all the window frames (sliding windows etc would be for someone else)
Now the back I have all these frames OPEN
how and where do I click to close them all or many at the same time and create
closed window frame panes?
Please ignore the colours of the materials as I want to make a Lumion Rendering
and need different materials to give them Lumion materials
The horizontals are to make final repeat gradation
different glass shades would be possibly

Other question WHERE on what do I click to close the back of all the frames
after the push/pull Do I have to do all 211 frames individually by hand again?

Thank you so much to still answer all my questions
I know I am going on and on with this concept but I promised myself to finish is and hopefully make it public. Any Dubai China Miami Goldcoast etc developers out here in this Forum?
One has the right to dream right even at my age .

copper, bronze, gold mirror rays

Have you tried out Joint Push Pull? I’m not sure it’s the answer, but it’s the first thing that comes to mind.

Hello thank you. Yes I read about it but haven’t tried as it’s all in a curve.

That’s one of the things it is helpful with, but you have to figure out how to approach your work such that it can be applied. You can push-pull a curved surface with Joint PushPull

To construct something like this I would use Tools on Surface/Offset and Joint Pushpull, both by Fredo.
I missed one glass pane so ignore the hole.


Thank you very much for your time and effort spent. But my curve is concave in BOTH directions left to right top to bottom and my glass panes are flat.
Your beautiful example create a need for curved glass and won’t fit my facade.
But I will explore your suggested Fredo6 Thanks
Bye4now Vic

Maybe this explains it better than my words