How to devide too many floors and windows to do joint push pull and structural question

As usual I am working on a concept …I have 60 storeys height and yes I must admit somehow I am very bad with making groups or groups to large.
Now I have learned that to render and have glass in Lumion reflect well, it needs to be two layers.
But joint push pull can’t handle over three hundred.
Now I am wondering how can I sub divide this group?
When I did balconies one by one I often get x panes out of say 10 that did not push and pull and then have to fill in by hand. Is that a normal occurrence. In the screen shot only 2 did the trick out of eight.
I do know how to fix it by hand quite fast but still would be nice not having to do it each time.
I tried to pick say 5 floors horizontally but it takes everything through the entire building even I select “by material” (naturally there is glass on the other side also.
I was wondering
is it a solution to select glass VERTICALLY say one window all the 30 floors down?
Problem is also how will I see which window acted on the push pull and which one did not?
As that may look patchy at the rendering level.

And to those with real structural and civil engineering. I am wondering the big concrete terrace shades
I created They are are high up on the building.
Do they need support columns to avoid and vibration with winds or could they cantilever without support?
Or would one centre pillar be enough. Otherwise I am trying to find a very streamlined minimal view invading columns. I also thought of on steel arch that would catch the cantilever in the centre.

Why can’t all the storys each be a component (every story a copy of the same component) and every window a copy of one window component? Then to change the windows, you do it to the one component.

Except, of course the story with special high windows.

Thank you I will try that, IF< I stil can make that.
No all the windows are the same height.
My problem is that I build/create and then only think of these steps after. Meaculpa
I have been on this concept for years then taken another one to render
and now am coming back to this one as I know there are many issues
as I discovered all the problems in the rendering process of the other model.
Anyway it’s for myself to learn and further myself
Will have to find out how to make each floor a component at this late stage.
Can I make the windows only a component (that will be easier to pick)
as the other side isn’t vertical?
Thank you again for your advise

I’m afraid it’s starting over for some of these things, but the approach of using components may be just as easy as going through and modifying every individual face you’ve created. In the long run subsequent changes would again be easier to do to components than every section of the building over and over.

I’ve never modeled a building this size, So I’d hope you’d find help from someone who has. It seems to me that one would work with massing models and overall models like you have then, at some point redo the building with components representing parts that will be identical in the construction.

In part it depends on the usage of the model, whether for archviz or ultimate design development. For archviz I could imagine a single element that is a continuous shape of building windows, then the visible structure is added to that. The core of the windows could be manipulated as one element.


Thank you. I have started creating components (starting with all the balconies) Took me two days.
I wish I could say with it was for a real development. But I am just trying to learn and fortunately or unfortunately for my creative thrive, when I go big it gets rather over the top big. But I love my challenges.
And must say this Forum has saved me so often. I don’t know if it’s appreciated.
I wish so much I had a more local friend with who to co-operate on my projects.
Via LinkedIN I met a wonderful person in the Philippines who actually started working, helping and teaching me with rendering. I have given him the official render credit in my project and probably others that will follow. He is Mec San Diego.
He is a real professional visualizer and told me he like my work that I shared with him.
He actually wanted to start on this project but it wasn’t ready. Especially now I see how much needs to be corrected for it to be render ready.
But I did enter the “Architizer unbuild Render” contest 2022 ( I think it was just the fact to be able to reward myself for my Covid period building called Stiletto. I have finally dared to put my things online. As my SO tells me otherwise it will all die on my PC unseen. I created a peninsula landscape on the and am planning to grow it as needed with all my building concepts on it.
"Stiletto On Destination Peninsula" By #vstarchitecture Visual Senses Design Vancouver Bc Canada | Bored Panda Several persons here in the Forum helped me with some of the problems I had with it especially the concave facade and doing all the window frames for it. I have come to love to the landscaping also very much. I am an avid gardener.
This specific project will have multiple world first features. Do I dare say. With he hope to awaken a potential developer. I have a dear friend Bogdan Witkowski who has done numerous big projects and won many prizes…He always supported me to follow my building dreams even I am not a diploma architect. But I did build homes up to 600m2 in South Africa and had them signed off by an architect and engineer for a fee naturally.
Thank you so much for your time and advice I really appreciate it very much.
PS: If you see one of my earlier post on how to create a spiral that actually is made of flat faces.
I’d appreciate any input as no one has commented. I would be a spiral pulled along a slight curve like a bridge Sometimes I don’t express myself right with my questions it’s my German and French education