Demolished mansion restoration

HELP! I need to cut the balcony floor according to the shape of the railing.
Plus I seem to have lost part of a wall!

Thanks in advance.


Doesn’t look like anything serious - some overlapping geometry.

To accurately assess, can you upload the model on the forum?

In general, you need to group wall geometry so it doesn’t intersect with floor geometry, etc.

With the balcony floor, you have already cut some of it (not quite lined up though), why can’t you cut the rest?

copy and paste one of the double lines at the base of the railing onto your balcony group and then “offset line out”. Much isnt grouped here so its a bit messy. Also the balcony line isnt sitting right on the balcony plave so it needed (vector extrude) to intesect it. After which the waste of the balcony could be removed and then the remaining pushe down.

down and dirty gif

Hi whiterabbit. Thanks a lot for your help.

One more problem, The opacity of the whole model is low. I don’t know how I did it and I don’t know how to correct it! I want the model 100% opaque.

Press the K key to turn off “Back Edges”


That would be the back edge visibility button that needs unchecking.


Thanks again

Problem again. How do I close this curved surface?


Please see ZAK’s mansion (temp) at 3D Warehouse

Thanks again

A few ways.

  1. extrude edges by vector (plugin)
  2. Push pull
  3. Push Pull with ctrl button depressed ( which makes a copy so you don’ t some of the edges?)


Thanks again! Unfortunately I can’t read paragraph 3, it’s overlayed by the gif.

All the explanation is there, the gif just got inserted in the middle of a line.