HI Guys. I am having problems with Sketch Up version 8.0.14345. I used to be able to search for components (Windows Menu>Components). I would type a brief description of the component I would like to download and it would appear in the search box. No matter what I type, e.g… window it always returns a zero result.

I do not use any outbound firewall rules on my router or internet security software.

I have checked the article: and that does not apply.

Can you help?

Many thanks Peter Dutka


Some time back the Warehouse was moved which meant that old versions of SketchUp wouldn’t be able to access it directly. In addition, the Warehouse no longer creates versions of components that can be opened in the old versions. The oldest SketchUp version that is supported by the Warehouse is 2014. I’ll hunt up the links for that but the upshot is, if you want to use components from the Warehouse, you’ll need to use a newer version of SketchUp.


You could download the Collada file from the Warehouse and open that in SketchUp 8, though.


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