Components w/out surfaces!?

I am somehow creating components w/no surfaces so I cannot perform push/pull when it gets to that point. I have no idea what I am doing wrong. I am very new to SketchUp although I did take an entire semester of SketchUp in the mid 2000’s. I am well versed in CAD, but not 3d modeling. Help!

Are the current View settings set to Wireframe mode (which hides faces)?

To help achieve your goals, some time spent at the SketchUp Campus and at the SketchUp - YouTube channel will be very worthwhile. Both sites are from the SketchUp team. On the YouTube channel, pay attention to the Square One Series. It covers the basics for each tool.

It wasn’t, but now it is b/c I found wire frame & clicked it be sure it was off. Now I can’t figure out how to turn it off:|

I am in the middle of the Commercial Interiors lesson. I had no trouble with the previous lessons, but this one is taking forever b/c he doesn’t explain at east 1/2 of the stuff he is doing. I have spent many additional hrs just researching what the heck he is doing. Do I need to select both the edges & surfaces when I am creating components? I’m not certain I have been doing that. I think that might be the issue.

Figured that part out.

You need to start at the beginning with the lessons. That will help explain what you are confused about. Also at the YouTube site pay attention to the SquareOne series, It explains and demonstrates each tool individually. SketchUp is not something you will learn in a short time, there are many moving parts to it.

When you make a component from an existing face, the face is moved into the component’s definition. Since a face cannot exist without its bounding edges, they are moved too.

Wireframe mode is a toggle. It changes to the other state each time you click it.

I already did all the previous lessons. I had no trouble with them. I think I was possibly making some components w/out selecting the face. I remade my components & made sure to select the surfaces. I think that was the issue.

Clicking it again was not working, but I figured it out in styles.