Depth problem

how can I keep the depth of my model without having to use the push pull tool on each surface (thing that I can’t even do because I cannot use it on curved edges)
I’m using the free online version

To which part of the model do you want to add depth? This is difficult to see from the picture…

As you can see there are several rectangular-shaped figures, they’re components I’ve created and of course I wanted to reuse them, but when I tried to paste them they lost their depth because, while on the first one I had pulled the surfaces to the depth I wanted, here I did not.
So yeah, those rectangular shaped figures hahahah

I see a lot of rectangles in your picture… It’s much easier if you share your model instead of pictures. Then people can investigate more easily what’s going on and give you better advice.

You can create a cutting component in this case:

It might be that you just have to move them forward a little. I have a feeling that when you place the components, they are snapping so that a good portion is inside the wall.

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This is what i mean, people have to guess what’s happening in the picture.
That said, i guess @monospaced is right…

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okay that was helpful, but it didn’t make the trick, from what I’ve gathered I can’t do it because cutting components will only cut on one axes, I’d add the file but I think i can’t export just the model using sketchup free

okay I’ve downloaded and I can now link my component, so here it is
window.skp (4.6 MB)

Often the simplest way to create a cutting component is to do it in place, this will normally give you the cutting plane without you having to think how to position it.
You can see here I have set your model into a face with the hole cut out, then I select only the parts that I want to be a component and not the wall face.
Cutting component.
I have cleaned up your model and added it here if you want to use it rather than fixing your own. I made the little columns instances of one component.
Depending on how you add it to the web version, you will probably need to Explode it once so that the component ‘Detail’ appears in the In Model section of the component tray, then bring it in from there and it will cut.
window cutting.skp (939.7 KB)


I can’t express how nice you are,you guys just put so much effort in helping somebody, I mean you took the time to read this thread, download my component, analyse and solve the problem.
Thanks a lot and have a good day


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