Components not showing in component window collections

Hi. I’m using 2017 pro.I have been trying to improve my component collections in files and collections on the 3d warehouse.

I’ve two problems. I can’t download directly into my models from either the files or collections - they just ask me what version of the sketchup file is that I would like to download. Then it downloads the actual file in a new window rather than my model.

Secondly, only only a few of my saved components from my files and collections are showing up in the component window when I am drawing. I have tried refreshing those and nothing happens. Am I missing something? Hope someone can help.

That sounds like you are accessing your models/components in the 3D Warehouse via your internet browser and not directly in SketchUp. If you use the 3D Warehouse user interface in SketchUp you shouldn’t be asked which file type and you should be able to insert the components directly into the model.

Are you looking at the In Model components or ones in a local collection?