Problem with Component window

Probably not a problem but user error.

If I create a new component as a new file and save it, it does not immediately show up in my Component selection window in the relevant folder when I want to use the created component in another drawing. Even if I close the window and re-open it (in the hope of repopulating it), it still doesn’t show.

What have I done wrong?

What happens if you collapse the entire Components window and reopen it? For me that refreshes the window and the component shows.

FWIW, I generally keep the In Model library in the primary pane and the local collection library in the secondary pane. then I just drag and drop components I want to save.

By collapse, I presume you mean minimising the window so that just the head bar shows? If so, it makes no difference.

Another oddity is that the component doesn’t seem to show up in the In Model pane either. This doesn’t happen to components I create within the drawing, nor to ones I pull in from the Warehouse. The component drawing files can clearly be seen in the relevant folder using Finder and I can drag and drop from there OK.

Maybe a difference between PC and Mac?

I don’t understand. Is the component in the model? Is it in the model space?

What happens if you copy from one SketchUp file and paste in the other?

OK so here’s what I’m doing in more detail.

Say I want to create a door component that I might want to use in a current drawing and future ones. I start a new SU file, draw the door, make it into a component, and save it in a folder containing different door types.

I then revert to the drawing I was working on and try to pull the new door in from the Component window. Except it doesn’t show. So I pull it in from Finder instead. It’s now in the drawing but not in the In Model list.

If I Copy and Paste in a new drawing, it does show in the In Model list.

I am attaching screen shots of what it looks like with the door component highlighted and the Finder window with the component at the top.

So collapsing the Components window and re-expanding it doesn’t make it show in the Doors library. Does closing the components Window and reopening it from the Window menu make it show?

As for it not showing in the In Model library, I’m not seeing that from your screen shots.

you need to restart SU to refresh the Components Browser on a mac…

I’ve got a plugin that will but it’s not finished yet…


You’re right, that does work. Seems a bit unnecessary though. Is this a glitch or an inevitability given the way Macs work?

I think the app, not the OS, decides when a window such as Components gets refreshed contents, so it seems to me that this is a SketchUp glitch on Mac.

Folders load once per session of SU, so if you start a new session, make and save a few components, then navigate to them in the Component Browser, it will show the new contents…

unless it’s your default or last used folder is the gotcha here…

So, it can appear to work if you infrequently add new folders and then use them…

‘In Models’ and ‘3D Warehouse’ have a reload function, but folders are one shot per session…

I’d agree with Steve this is down to a SU coding omission…


Is it something we need to bring to the attention of the developers, or are they already aware of posts like these?

Several members of the SketchUp team read this forum, but since they only occasionally post it is hard to know if they have read a specific topic and simply chosen to remain silent.