Components are not sitting on top of floor correctly

Hi there,

I’m really struggling with adding the last few components to my 3D model. I seem to have messed with a setting as all the components I load seem to swivel around this dotted line and I cannot position them correctly.

I’d like to have the rug sit on top of the floor and not change transparency all the time. I’m also trying to get the floor lamp by the desk to sit correctly on the floor and lean over the corner chair. And lastly, I’m trying to get the roman blinds sitting on top of the two windows above the desk. I feel like it takes me forever to get these pieces sitting correctly. Please can you help / advise what I’m doing wrong?

Thank you! Model attached.

No model attached. If it’s too large to upload here, upload it to Drop Box and share the link.

Make sure you have the model axes positioned correctly. Right click on one and choose Reset if it isn’t grayed out.

Hi Dave,

Not sure why my file became so big suddenly. Here it is, can you view it now?

Probably all the stuff you’ve added to it. I’m downloading it now.

So as for the rug, move it up a few millimeters. That will get rid of the Z-fighting.

It would be easier to work if you set the camera to Parallel Projection.

I’m not sure what you dotted lines you are seeing. There is a guideline between the front corners of the desk chair but that’s easily deleted. Edit>Delete Guides.

As for inserting components, they should come in with you grabbing then at their insertion point. Notice what happens when I drag in the floor lamp component. I have hold of it right at the bottom.

And addressing the file size, it wouldn’t hurt to do some clean up. I cleaned your model and got rid of the following:
Screenshot - 5_5_2020 , 7_36_44 AM
That reduced the file size by about 31%.

Hi Dave,

Thank you so much, this is a huge help. I was always moving my components from the 3D warehouse in and wasn’t using the component box on the right - will do this moving forward. I think ti will also help with my blinds. The rug seems like a simple fix - no clue why I couldnt get it sitting right. You mentioned you cleaned up the file size but I cannot find the file, did you share it in the thread?

It’s a good idea when shopping for components in the 3D Warehouse to bring them into a separate file so you can make sure they are what you want. You can then copy them from that file and paste into your model.

When you import the component from the 3D Warehouse or copy and paste it from another file, you should also have hold of it by the component’s origin which is the insertion point.

I didn’t upload the file. I figured you could download and install Thom Thom’s CleanUp3 (from the Extension Warehouse) and run it on your computer. Don’t forget to install TT_Lib as well. It’s a useful extension to have.

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Excellent, noted. Thank you again!

See this video tutorial.