Inserting Components on faces


I have created a component and inserted into model. I have exact walls facing each other and one side of the room shows the back of the component through the wall on the exterior. The other side of the wall doesn’t show the component through the wall on the exterior of the wall.

Am I missing something? I have attempted to edit the component as the depth of the component model but it shouldn’t matter as the walls of the model are 5" thick and the component is less than 2" in depth.


Hi , The quickest way to sort this would be to upload the model so we can see the problem .


Sorry I am new to the forum and sketchup in general. How would I upload the model?


Click the Upload button … 3MB limit


Component Issue.layout (233.9 KB)


I exported to layout and uploaded. Please let me know if this doesn’t work. I took a screen shot but couldn’t locate my screen shots.


Sorry for the multiple posts. I actually fixed it where it was protruding through the wall. Now it switched the axis for the component and will not lay flat on the wall. I try to rotate it and change axis reference without luck.





A 2D picture (LayOut file) is only worth 1000 words. A 3D model is worth 10 words.
Kindly upload the *.skp model file.


33’ GR.skp (595.3 KB)


You need to be aware of face orientation. All the blue faces in your model are the back faces, they should be inside the walls and components.
This can cause components placed on faces to align to the wrong face, which I believe was your initial problem.


I am still at a loss. As all of the other electrical outlets I created and set were done the same way. Did I alter my axis somehow and need to revert to the original axis?


Hi Jason,

The component axes were set incorrectly.

There’s an easy way to make components with properly oriented Glue to Any/Cut Opening properties.
Draw a temporary face, say, a large rectangle off to the side, away from the main model.
Model the object on that temporary face, making sure to delete the faces that will be cut openings. Select all the geometry of the object (excluding the temporary face) and make it a component.
SketchUp then automatically sets the component Axes, Glue to Any plane and Cut Opening properties.

Attached is a cleaned-up copy of your model.
Like @Box said, be aware of face orientation.
Learn to model in Monochrome face style, keeping the white (front side) oriented outward.
Best practice is to model first and paint second.

I reversed the backwards faces and painted all with the default material.
You’ll find a grid on the ground plane painted with the materials that were in the original model.

I remade the Glue to Any/Cut Opening electrical outlet component.
Open the component and notice location/orientation of the component axes.
I left the temporary setup used to create it in the model for you to see and experiment with.

Be aware the Glue to Any/Cut Opening properties of a component work only once.
Thus, when you bring an instance from the Components Browser you need to place it directly on the intended face. If you park it somewhere in space and then move it to the face, the gluing/hole-cutting magic is gone. No problem, simply erase it and bring a new one from the components browser.

33’ GR - Fixed.skp (523.4 KB)


Thank you geo. Big help