Component Tray Selection Problem - Bug? SU2021

More weird problems with components - I have been creating a series of simple dynamic components for piping systems, set them up in the own component folder and was just test importing them.

If I drag the component from the tray onto the screen it behaves as expected… but if I select and forget to drag onto the screen it instantly gets inserted at some extreme distance (48771005mm eg 47km) from the origin… making look as though everything has vanished… Way outside my viewport area which was approximately 10x10m.

Here is the file pre problem / bug initiation
PIPE TEST.skp (89.9 KB)
and here is a screen shot with a line drawn from origin to where the insert occurred

Also note I am suffering the top view thumbnail bug when saving components…

and the SAVE AS not saving reliably

Seems for years now anyone wanting to create a dynamic object in SU is caught between buggy and un supported DC’s or Beta LIVE components… both are unacceptable…

Any thoughts most appreciated on what is triggering the wild insert when merely selecting the component on the Component Tray?

Well… finally tracked down the FIX for all this erratic DC behaviour … still not sure of the CAUSE of why it is happening, eg a SU bug or a corrupted / updated operating system (W10) or SU install… (but I recently reinstalled with the last 2021 patch)… I also copy / pasted my components into a empty SU file in case the SU file was corrupted

Nevertheless if I edit an existing DC in SU and the do a “save as” it really does not do a save
and then if I just select the DC from the DC tray to test it SU
it zooms out to 40km and places the selected DC there.

If I select and drag the DC onto my screen then the DC behaves erractically… (eg will not align to faces) and of course is still the old DC, not the expected edited one as it did not really save it!

to recover I have to

  1. UNDO the component insert
  2. ZOOM to extents to get back to my model view…
  3. SAVE the SU file
  4. EXIT sketchup
  5. REOPEN the File
  6. SELECT the DC again
  7. SAVE AS

Then the updated component is saved correctly to the component tray
and it behaves correctly when I reinsert it into my model.

Again… any explanations appreciated

PS here is the file with the DC components exhibiting this problem
PIPES.skp (335.3 KB)

Well I stumbled on the method to solve the updating a DC - thanks @DaveR