Component Options: Length inserted not corresponding with actual length

Hi everyone,
I’m having a specific issue. I created several components, all subcomponents of a bigger component. On that bigger component I enabled the option ‘User can edit a textbox’, referring to the LenY of my component. So when ‘the user’ changes the length, it changes (see textbox), but the actual length is always a little bit more (variable). I have no idea what I’m doing wrong… Thanks in advance!

Can you share the file? It could be an axis position or an out of sync scaling issue

Hi, of course! CLOUD_TEST.skp (274.4 KB)

Hi Guillaume,

first a error on redraw or input


I assume the length is in reference to the screen size, not the connectors, best to use a custom attribute as lenY, if the components were in sync would have been the overall length. When the children dictate the geometry then the size attributes of the parent does not matter, if the true lenY is required then = length of screen plus the connectors.


So make the parts reference the length


CLOUD_TEST 2.skp (277.8 KB)

Hi Philip,

Thank you so much to solve my problem! Glad to know where the issue was :slight_smile: !