Set the origin of a length on a dynamic component

Hi,i ve been working on some component already made by someone else (whom i dont know or i cant reach to ask) the thing is:

i have this component (set an example below) with 2 circles of 60mm radius, and this bar of 1000mm, if i edit this component, made by me, the length in LEN X is 1120mm, 1000+60+60. BUT i have this another component (i dont have a picture) that is made exactly like this but on the attributes the lenght X is 1000, as if the origin of the lenght was selected somehow, can some one explain this and how can i do the same?

the children work independently, they are created within the parent parameters and then move out or added after the parent creation

working outside the parent.skp (17.5 KB)

Según tu perfil estás usando la versión gratuita de sketchup, pero la captura de pantalla muestra sketchup pro.

Ya lo arregle

The DC as many groups or components can be divided into levels of nesting, the terms for top or one above is parent, those below, children
You can use the generic term parent! instead of the actual name, this is useful when reusing DCs
MyDC_window! or anyOtherName! can be replaced with parent! in the child attribute then as the case with activated instance names the change of name does not effect the formula,

How you build and reference the DC and its parts gives one different abilities, you may conserve the overall length of the parent and have the sub-groups or components position and size kept within the parameters, or have them move into space
You use conditions, formula and input to achieve your goal

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got it, but still cant understand how to set the origin of length at the center of the circle

you can right click menu on a sub-component to change axis. Or open the component or group, right click part of its axis to choose Place,