Creating Insertion Point For Dynamic Components




I am looking for a way to have an insertion point for a dynamic component which is independent of the wrappers defined origin.

Would the best way to do this be to wrap the components again in a group and then add custom attributes to the new top level which drive the now level below?

I have formulas which depend on the already defined origins, but want an insertion point in a different loction.

I hope this makes sense and someone is able to assist.




Not sure of the answer to your question as DCs can be tricky little bug***s! In particular, they seem to be much easier to handle if nesting is limited, so adding a wrapper may create unexpected results.


Thanks for your response Simon, it does seem to behave oddly when I group it as described and try operate the DC. I may just have to deal with the current position of the insertion point.



position and rotation are in reference to the parent, so a one level component will reference the file axis. Each child (sub group or sub component ) references its parent, whereas size is the current object or nesting. you can have the XY, seemly flipped with the LenX, LenY due a rotation.
This is why its best to not only have the attribute dialog of parent and child, but also have the option dialog open showing that the parent is selected, when altering the position or rotation attributes, otherwise the object is going to fly off to some original or new reference position.

Rotation can still be problematic to find the correct sequence as the there is a redraw after each entry, this will cause a “flyoff”
various workflow / workaround maybe to wrap each rotation, or have an attribute reference them, or play around with the values until you achieve the correct balance. Then exit and do a redraw to have all the references work within their environment.

I kind of look at it as parallel worlds that have worm holes due to us trying to influence the outcome