Component not visible - only in some models




I am using Sketchup Make 2017 on windows 7.

I have previously created models and have components that work normally eg “click to place”.

Components have been placed in the current model but are not visible?

I have tried a variety of components but none are visible in the current model. I am certain that it is not a scaling issue!

This is a screenshot of the other model with component visible.

Any help would be appreciated.



How about sharing the SKP file of the model in which the component doesn’t show?

I’m curious about your statement of it not being a scaling issue. In the screen shot with the green car, the car seems to be very much larger than it out to be. I’d call that a scaling issue.


Or it could be a flying car.


Indeed, it could be he’s inserting the car and its much closer to the camera in the screenshot…
But it stays a guess without the file…


here is the component and it is not right scaled:





Thanks for the replies. It is not a scaling issue in that the car is visible in one model and not visible in the other model. Both models are at the same scale.

I will share the model where the car doesn’t appear as soon as I figure out how.



To upload an image or .skp file, click the 7th icon from the left, above where you type your replies:


Or just drag the file into your reply. If the file is bigger than 3MB you’ll have to use a file service like Dropbox and share the link here.


How come your reply box looks like that? It should look like this:


We got that extra line inserted a few months back. Mind you, it hasn’t made a blind bit of difference. Posters still routinely ignore it!


Because I made that image months ago. I pasted that from on old post so I didn’t have to upload the file again.


Have you tried zooming out to full extent?


Okay, well here’s a present for you - an updated version that you can keep and cherish!



This is the link to the skb file…



You say it’s not a scale issue, but the small sloped roof is 8km wide.
I rescaled the building with the tape tool and I see this.


Yep, scale issue for sure and certain.

Many thanks.