Complete the slot in a slotted lid box

Noob at Sketchup. I’m going through a couple books and vids and they are semi-helpful. I have created a box (for dominos) that I wanted to have a slotted lid. If I ever get this done I’ll try to 3D print it. I’ve got the slot created on the inside of the box. It’s 1mm deep all around and 2.5mm in height. The box has round corners. My problem is I can’t figure out how to open the slot at one end. I was wondering if someone could point me in the right direction.Domino Box.skp (99.2 KB)

Use Push/Pull + Ctrl and extrude the end of the slot through the box and well beyond.
Select All > Right context click on the selection > Intersect Faces > With Selection
Now, simply erase what you don’t need.

To be able to print the model you’ll need to add thickness to the bottom.
You can use Push/Pull + Ctrl to do that as well.

Then you’ll need to erase all the unnecessary interior edges/faces P/P created.
Perhaps the easiest way to cleanup inside is to simply delete the bottom face.
Erase what you don’t want inside and retrace one edge (line tool) end-to-end to heal the face you deleted.

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You may find that the operation Geo describes creates some reversed faces. To fix it, select any exterior surface of your box and right-click->orient faces

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Thank You! Seems to have worked exactly like I wanted. I did poke around and find the odd edge that I could delete. I got the bottom extended by the amount I wanted. Now I want to be able to split the model into 2 pieces as the width is a bit more than the printer can handle. I’ll search around and see if other related posts on splitting models exist before posting again.


Even though SU reports solid that is not sufficient condition it can be printer. I did the same approach as George, then imported to Netfabb to correct problems and verified it is indeed solid but you will have to check some of the thickness’ .
The model appears to meet plat form size but some of thickness will have to be about 3mm and they are little less. This depends on the criteria established by the printer. Also depending on the material you plan to use you will have to allow about -10 thou for the lid width or it will not fit properly. Netfabb has a free service wherein they will run it thru their check soft ware ( cloud based) and they will give you an idea if item is printable. Check their site and you can get the url there. If I get time this PM will find it and post here for you.
Caution: look closely at the lid and you will see it has a bow front since the intersect occurs at the over lap with the front radius. Make sure you account for that I have not checked.

I did make the walls and floor 3mm when I did the push/pulls. I’ll recheck. I uploaded my stl files for the left/right sides. File sizes changed from about 11kb to 31-ish kb each so something got fixed I suppose. I was looking at the left/right sides (yesterday) in the print preview feature of the MakerWare desktop. One side looked fine but the other side the preview showed that half the floor was missing along a diagonal line. I don’t know how trustworthy that view is. I’ll recheck today to see if print preview shows the same thing with the “repaired” files.

You are correct I had not thought about the lid issue with the curve. I will make the lid a tad thinner than the slots and check the curve fit.
I"ll check at home today.
Thank you for the link!

The repaired files seem to look fine in the Makerware print preview. Guess that did the trick! Bookmarked!