Can a SketchUp model be 3D printed?

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Hello @elguapo

SketchUp models certainly can be 3D printed.
The model just needs to be a watertight closed volume called a SketchUp Solid.

Here’s more about what makes a model suitable for 3D printing:

Understanding Solid Objects in SketchUp — Aidan Chopra
Programming & Web Design Articles - dummies

These Solid Modeling Inspection/Repair Tools help you find hard to spot solid modeling errors.

TIG: SolidSolver

ThomThom: Solid Inspector²²

Thanks Y’all

FWIW, here’s an example of a 3D print from a SketchUp model.

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An Isokon donkey, no less! A blast from the past.

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Ahhh it’s a donkey engine!


Just for fun…
The folks at i.materialise printed my little 1" x 1" SketchUp logo in stainless steel.


I have been using SketchUp for a year now to design things for 3D Printing. It must be a solid Group and exported as an STL File for your Slicer.

I’m using Sketchup Make and trying to make boxes of the kind you show here. I’ve done it in the past, but for some reason I cannot make them anymore. I always get errors that I have unconnected edges at corners, even when when the corner was created using the rectangle tool. I’ve tried drawing over the corner without success.

Can anyone describe just how to make a solid box for 3d printing?

How about sharing a SketchUp file that shows what you are seeing so we can identify where the problems lie?

Well then I shall endever to explain it to you . . So to start with need to choose the square / rectangle tool . . You have the 3D printer area chosen for the box . . Put the tool inside the box and click and move it to a good size . . Next check the same tool again and take to the center of the box you just made and make another box but smaller than the one you just made . .Next use the Push Pull Tool to make the walls . . You will have to click on the part you want to make taller and stretch it out . . To where ever looks good . . You now have a box with a skinny bottom Which you may want to bring up a bit with the same Push Pull tool . . Have the solid checker check the box out of errors and let it do auto fix . . Then u will need to Export to STI . . then take the part you exported to the slic3r program and look at it . . Does it say the part is okay ? If so your in business

Are slicers getting better?
The Op in this post indicates cura 21.00 adds wall thickness, it shows at abt post 13

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That is what is in Repetier-host for a slicer . . I use Slic3r as my program to do the g-Code . . i know it is an extra program to run but you got much more control of what or where to change the part and the how it is made
Did you check the part with Solid Inspector ? will fix a lot of things for you under auto fix . .it is one of the add ons you can get from the warehouse . .

Picture of red lens for my 6 volt battery lantern made with red translucent did circular layer then rectangle next and last was the circular again 3 layers thick

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