My model gets distorted when slicing

I’ve made a lid to a uv light box I’ve designed. Problem is, when I try slicing it, both the hole in the top, and the entire bottom is filled. I’ve spent a few hours now, trying to fix this, but I am really new to the whole 3d modelling thing, and I just don’t know how to fix it or what could be wrong.

I read through a few of the threads I found here which touch the same topic, and I thought I have applied most of the tips I found there, but it’s just no good.

I expect your problems stem from the internal faces and the stray edge. Removing them should make it printable.

After fixing it and creating the .stl file, the slicer I use seems to be happy enough. I wouldn’t be if I had to pay them to print it, though.

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Awesome, thanks! Yeah, it’s a big box, hehe. The bottom part used like a third of a roll of PLA, hehe.

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FWIW, on SketchUp for Web, you can temporarily hide the external faces of the box to see the internal ones that need to be erased.

Good luck. Make sure you have a fresh roll of PLA on hand.

At least you aren’t making it from Mammoth resin. I didn’t know they raised mammoths for their resin but evidently they do. :smiley:


Same here DaveR. Strange that my Solid Inspector didn’t see the stray edge. On line printing services are generally exorbitantly expensive, but why the need for the specific material when a (probably) less expensive one should do the job? I would print it up side down. Shouldn’t make any difference with sls, but the cost would be less the other way up if printed fdm. I would charge a fraction of that quote - but I’m in Oz.

I just use i.materilise as a handy tester for 3D printing. They do an excellent job of printing but any printing I need done these days is done in the Robots shop. As for the material for the printing. It’s just the first one in their list. I’m usually not too worried about the material they choose. I uploaded an inverted version of the file. Same price.

Sorry! Assumed the quote was procured by Daniel.

I modified your model slightly. Should be no need for support.
UV Lightbox (lid)_ revised.skp (208.7 KB)

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Thanks guys, I really appreciate the feedback. I found the hidden faces and started the print last night. If it fails (which it very well might), I will definitely used the revised version instead. Thanks for the effort, @splatcreativeau