Distortion when cutting a cylinder from a cylinder

I’m modeling a simple object. It’s a cylinder with another cylinder cut out from it. When I make the cutout, I get a distortion that shows up in the model and I’m worried it will affect a 3D print.

Here’s what it looks like: https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/50702741258_22baf6f0d7_o.png See above the hole how the hidden geometry is shaped kind of arc-like in a way that it’s not below the hole? Will this impact a print? Is this a real geometry change or just a visualization glitch?

To create the object, I used the circle tool and the push/pull tool to create two cylinders. Then I used the move tool to intersect the two cylinders. Then I used subtract from the solid tools to cut out the hole. No matter what scale I try this at or how many ‘sides’ the circle has, I see a distortion when I turn on hidden geometry.

It’s hard to tell from just the screen shot what is going on. It could be fine. Can you attach the actual .skp file here so we can look at it. Just drop the file icon into a response window.

I see maybe some artifacts around the circle hole that could be profiles indicating that you have holes in your mesh around the cut hole. You said at any scale you try this, but did you try scaling up by 1000?

Need to see the file to diagnose.

distortion.skp (109.5 KB)

It’s an open GL display distortion thing. Zoom in, do the hidden lines even out?

Yes. When I zoom in, the lines seem even out. So it’s just a visual glitch and not an actual defect in the shape of the model?

Correct. Open the Entity Info window and look in the upper left corner with your group selected. This is labeled as a solid group. You are good to go. If it were not a solid it would be labeled as simply a group.

This however is on the edge of having problems with with the tiny face issue. If you continue to model for 3D I would consider working at a much bigger scale, like x1000. Many people modeling for 3D model in meters and output the .stl to the slicer to import in mm.

Thank you for the quick replies. I hear you on the scale thing. My actual model is at 1000x, I just whipped this one up small to demo the issue I was seeing. Thanks again!


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