Sketchup model broken in 3d print slicer

Dice box remade.skp (551.1 KB)

Hey, I made this box for dice and other stuff related to dungeons and dragons, but when I download as .stl file and import into flashprint 5, some weird walls appear inbetween the dividers/boxes. What is causing this and how do I fix it? I hoped it was ready to print

The objects in your model are not SketchUp solids. That will cause problems when they are exported to .stl. The biggest issue is that the bottom and side edges of the dividers are not erased, so they break the volume into a collection of separate partitioned spaces. That confuses a slicer. There is also a circle located inside the print volume that doesn’t form the edge of any part of the object - it is a “surface border”. I cleaned up these issues in the model. See if this one behaves any better for you.

Dice box remade.skp (585.5 KB)

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It worked perfectly! Thank you so much

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