Sketch Up stl

Hi there,
I have designed a floor plan layout for my new home, and try to 3d print it. everytime i try to open stl, it becomes messy in my slicer. Here is the image of how it looks. please help me how to fix it.
Thank you.

Probably your model is not a closed “solid”. Every edge should connect to two faces, not more or less (no stray edges, holes or internal faces.

Oh, okay. thank for the reply. I will check the model.

If you upload you SketchUp model (and optionally the STL export) you could get further help to identify why the slicer doesn’t like it.

It’s really hard to tell from the image just what is going on. It looks like there are two portions (perhaps floors?) in your model that are displaced from each other and have been for some reason joined by a web of triangles in the stl. It also looks like the walls have no thickness, which the slicer won’t like.

As John wrote, if you can share the skp we can take a better look.