How do I print this without errors

I am trying to produce a rear light enclosure for a bike and cannot work out how to print the file with the hollow cable conduit, my Repetier Host says that the object ‘is not waterproof’ and when I click ‘fix’ makes the model solid, is it the way I have created the object in SketchUp?bike lightxx.skp (1.2 MB)

You can check the model with the extension Solid Inspector2.

Thanks will give it a go

You’re missing a bunch of faces. There’s no internal wall in the tube and no internal surface for the end of the box. They need to be replaced.

This is what it should look like in section.

As I am a noob to Sketchup, how do I fix this? I could not find an easily to understand tutorial on adding the cable conduit

I traced the edge shown selected with the Line tool to heal the face across the end of the box.

Then at the end of the tube, I traced an edge segment to skin over the hole and use Push/Pull to push it to the new inside face of the box after which I erased the unneeded geometry.

Is there really supposed to be a step into the box?

DaveR was quicker on the “draw” than me. Fixed your model the same as Dave and have the same question… Is it suppose to have that step?

Ideally the step would be a slope to guide the wires into the box, I think I have repaired the wall like yo suggested, but looking down the tube I can see the step but from the otherside there is just the circle on the wall, is it not supposed to clear when the push-pull reaches that wall face? I have placed an arc in the box to become the slope but cannot figure out how to tilt it ;( here is the updated light-v1.skp (1.2 MB)

Select the face inside the circle and delete it.

Thank you @DaveR that bit was easier than i thought :slight_smile:

If you want a long slope maybe this…

I haven’t looked at your model, but a simple way to make a slope from an arc is either the Cardinal point or the scale tool.

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Sorry I have not got back to you all but its been the Bank Holiday weekend and have had family over, I went with @Box’s idea, and it has worked a treat, would I be able to employ the same method if the two lights were seprated? joined by a cable conduit? example attatchedlight-boxes.skp (1.1 MB)

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