Project export to STL - fail



its my first project in Sketchup, i try to make enclosure for my diy arduino project. When i export file to STL, Slic3r see only square. Can anyone help me fix it ?

here is file with it:

file is safe


All you have created is a shell with no wall thickness. You need to create two sides (front and back) for each side of the box.


Can You explain how to do this ?
thanks for Your time


@pu5z3k: You can achieve this using SketchUp most used feature: Push/Pull!

See this video for a quick overview of the tool and have fun :smile:


yea i know this method but i am already did like that, and still there is some mess :stuck_out_tongue:


@denisroy had it… exactly what I did! delete the “lip” around the top, then use Push/Pull to drag the bottom up, then each of the sides in.


@pu5z3k, it’s not square is it meant to do?


still fail :frowning:

i have trouble with extend object… and also it don’t make open top (slic3r) don’t see it.


Or without deleting the upper lip, you can simply hit CTRL while push/pulling to toggle the creation of a new starting face.

You will have some cleanup to do after as well as some face reverting or you could use ThomThom’s Solid Inspector 2 to help you with that. It’s a great tool to have if you plan on doing 3d Printing as objects needs to be considered solid for 3d printer to be able to print them.


To be honest, you might want to start from scratch. The whole thing is off axis, and the sides are not parallel:

Unless this was intentional, you might have an easier time starting with a clean rectangle, pulling it up to the proper bottom depth, then use Offset line to create the wall geometry, then pull them up.


woow, thanks for such a great help, the problem is that i am total newbie:

please take a look how it looks like when i try to do this :stuck_out_tongue:


i think i find the problem, when i hold ctrl it looks it work :open_mouth:


Since you’re a newbie, it would be wise to set your enclosure aside for a little bit and work through the basic videos available on so you can get the hang of using the tools. I think you’d find it time well spent.


@pu5z3k, start push/pulling on a face and then hit CTRL and release it, this will toggle create a new starting face. That’s what I did in the screencapture I did above :smile:


It helps to pay attention to the status bar at the bottom, tool’s options are displayed and info is given as to what the tool expect you to do (selecting an edge when the tool is waiting for you to select a face can cause the tool to fail or give error messages for exemple)

I agree with @DaveR, SketchUp Youtube channel is a great place to start, here’s two playlist of tutorials to get you going :smile:

Getting started (6 videos)

Traning series (45 videos)