"Commercial Use" question

Hello! I’m considering SketchUp for creating 2-d images for several book illustrations.

Looking at the feature set, SketchUp Make will meet my needs. However, I’m concerned about the comments that it is not licensed for Commercial Use.

Does the Make license permit me to create images and use them in books for sale, or not?

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I would interpret that as a commercial use of SketchUp but you should either get legal advice or buy the license, whicheven is less expensive.


You should consult an attorney with respect to:

However, you can hire an illustrator who already owns a SketchUp Pro license, to create these images for you.

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I doubt SketchUp is efficient for such work.
If you’re looking for free alternatives, you can check this software called Inkscape (equivalent of Adobe Illustrator).


Thanks for all of the answers, everyone!

I’m new to this arena, and am very grateful for the additional information and suggestions.


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