Command to cut out shape from ALL intersecting objects, regardless of solid/non-solid

Let’s say I have a wall that has:

Outside marble/stucco layer
Structural layer
Inner sheetrock layer
Paint/wallpaper layer

If I need to cut out a window or doorway, I have to make 4 separate operations. And if any of those layers are grouped or not solid (as is the case with a paint/wallpaper layer, it’s a face with texture), I have to do a whole dance around it with Intersect Faces, etc.

It would be SO nice to have a command that takes the selected object (shape of intended doorway) and “vaporizes” ALL intersecting geometry - so it punches through the marble, the concrete, the sheetrock, and the wallpaper. In one shot.

I’ve found some plugins that are supposed to help with this issue, but they tend to cause more of a mess…

Not sure if VisuHole would work for you

Check this out.

Does VisuHole work for SU 2023? I have overlooked this extension.

All of Fredo’s extensions work in the newest SketchUp versions.
He also has some ‘legacy’ versions available for very old SketchUp versions.

Read the extension’s usage notes at SketchUcation PluginStore - most of Fredo’s tools need his LibFredo6 installing too. Licensed extensions also need the SketchUcation Tools installing to manage that, and also give you useful auto-install/update/bundle/manager tools…