Combining several drawings of same house to one file in LayOut



I wonder how i combine several drawings made of same house? They are showing all sides of the house. Can i show 2 by 2 side by side? It’s in 2D and made in SketchUp Layer 2017


Use LayOut with viewports that display scene pages from SketchUp model files.


Hmm, don’t really get what and how you mean. Have in mind that i am a newbie :slight_smile:


Perhaps you could explain more clearly what you want to do exactly. Share your SketchUp file with us.


Start with the online LayOut User Guide


I need to combine them in same page from 1-6 and make it official dokument for that house. Im only aloud to upload 1 file at a time since im new user :frowning:

1 ETELÄÄN.layout (21.5 KB)


2 POHJOISEEN .layout (20.9 KB)


3 LÄNTEEN.layout (19.3 KB)


4 ITÄÄN.layout (18.9 KB)


5 Untitled yläosa tyhjäsivu.layout (7.6 KB)


6 Backup of Nimiö julkisivut .layout (9.6 KB)


Copy the contents of each file to a new page. You can use the LO file that currently shows the first page and add pages to it.

You should have drawn the house in SketchUp and created scenes from which you could make viewports in LayOut.

Or, if you really had to draw it in LayOut, you could have made multiple pages in one LayOut file. There was no need to open a new file for each elevation of the house.


It’s different sides of same house


The meaning is to be able to place this in 1 file like this = 3 of the beside each other in horisontal positon and the other 3 under them in same horisontal positon. So, 1, 2, 3 and under them 4, 5, 6 . This is how it is officially presented.
Any help on that please?


You can copy and paste your drawings from one file to another. You’ll need to resize your drawings so you can fit them on one sheet. Or make a new document on a larger sheet.

I still can’t figure out why you wouldn’t have drawn the house in SketchUp and used LayOut as it was intended.


Because im new to it and didn’t understand to do the “right way” :slight_smile:


Instead of cobbling together something that won’t look very good, why don’t you start over and draw the house in Sketchup?


You mean i have to start all over or copy this work to a new sheet in Sketchup?


Start over. You could use what you drew in LayOut as references.


To much time going to start over doing same what i already have. Can i combine the drawings maybe in AutoCad? I have also that program. And this files are also converted to dxf and can be opened there. Only thing is that AutoCad is sooo much more heavy to learn :slight_smile: