please help:

I can find a number of different codes to every color I want, for example:

but the nodes COLOR or SET COLOR only allow the numbers between 0-1

how to set the color I want?

thank you

Here an example to compute RGB color from value 0-255 to 0-1

You can past a hexa color string and convert in color with this graph

Clean string with no blanck, without the # char
After convert letter to decimal value
Multiply by 16 the first, third and fifth
r = 1+2
v = 3+4
b = 5+6
normalize vector et get the color

hello simjoubert,

thanks :+1:, but this way of setting colors is too much/too complicated for me…not your fault :wink:

maybe the easiest way will be to just simply paste a texture with the color/s I need.

Hi! Understandably colors and their numerical values are a little confusing, especially when we seem to use our own “version”.

When using the color-picker by clicking on the colored strip or box:

You can define a particular color without the need to know the full “0-1” dealio.

One thing to note is that a vector is just a 3 component value. Which depending on the context it is used in can have different meanings. (a vector can be a point/position, movement, rotation, directions, or in this case, a color). An RGB defined color value is just a vector where R=X, G=Y, and B=Z. Colors in Creator are on a 0-1 range, but is equivalent to the 0-255 range in RGB (as Sim explained, and has a great conversion method!).

Here is another graph that I made a little while ago to visualise the whole 0-1 scale thing with respect to a box of colors: Trimble Creator

In the mean time I’ll be sure to submit an issue with the team to see what we can do to make this easier to understand! Thanks for the feedback!

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