Color Representation in 2018 vs 2015?

When I open a file in 2018 colors and styles display as vivid and bright. When I save the model down to 2015, the colors appear all washed out. Does anyone have any idea what’s happening?

See attached screenshots and model for reference. I just used this model because it’s colorful, this problem is happening with all of my models.

Long time listener, first time caller. Any help appreciated.


WeirdColor-2015.skp (105.8 KB) WeirdColor-2018.skp (72.4 KB)

Looks to me as if there’s a difference in graphics settings between the two. Compare Preferences>OpenGL settings between the two.

Both look the same in the same version of SketchUp.


v15 and v18 do have a completely different graphics pipeline…

but, it looks more like ‘use sun for shading’ is on for your v15 image and off for the v18 one…

in v19 I can match the intensity with that checkbox checked…


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Yes the whole OpenGL preferences interface changed between 15 and 18.

I was able to improve the representation of color by selecting different ‘capabilities’ in the OpenGL preferences in 2015. A definite improvement.

I didn’t notice the ‘Use Sun For Shading’ setting changing - thanks for noticing. I literally just saved the model down to 2015 from 2018 and opened it in 2015. I hadn’t made any other changes.