Layout Reset

hello fellow users!
my issue is bit strange i was working ok with sketchup 2015 version with vray2.0 and also skp2019 both were fine and then suddenly after upgrading windows my skp2015 layout is bit brightened and less saturated.i have done trying reinstalling skp resetting layout but all in vain please help materials even look different in view but comes ok in final render.Any help would be highly attached

Your screenshots show two different SketchUp basic templates, to judge by the scale persons present they are from different years. The ground and sky colours might be different, but the main difference might be in the position of the Light and Dark sliders in the Shadow settings. I would also recommend updating your graphics card driver by downloading and installing the newest from the Nvidia website.

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Thanks but the issue was true bit colors i appreciate your time to reply.Cheers
now solved